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Hangman Game

Play Hangman online. Hangman board game is a linguistic puzzle whose rules are based on word guessing. It can be played with two or more players. This is great fun! At the very least, improve your vocabulary, test your luck, and have fun! Before you is one of the very first logic games that could be played on paper, by the way, this toy had previously been a wild success, conquering with its simplicity and at the same time complexity. The main task in the popular puzzle is to search for letters and compose words that will help the poor man survive, because he wants to live, and in order for him to survive, you will have to guess the word.

How to play Hangman?


Choose a category or leave the random word mode, which includes all words from our dictionary. Also, once a day you play in daily mode, guessing the same word as other players.


You will see a line of empty cells in front of you, this is a word or phrase that you need to guess. It consists of the same number of letters as you see empty cells.


Your goal is to learn this word or phrase. To do this, click on the letters on the keyboard in turn, recognizing the correct letters. If there is such a letter in the hidden word, then it will open. If there is no such letter, then you will see how the picture of the hanged man began to be drawn.


The picture consists of 8 parts, which correspond to 8 mistakes that you can make. In this case, the eighth, last mistake will become a losing one. If the picture is completed to the end before you finish the word, you lose. If you make it early, you are the winner. Good luck!

Did you like Hangman?

Hangman is a game in which you have to guess various words on given topics. We tried to improve the original game to make it even more interesting for you to play. If you liked it, please share the link on your social networks.